Selection of Books for Brazilian Piano designed for the piano teacher who works in initiation, or with intermediate students in the study of the musical instrument piano.

This set of works above values the richness that we have in our Brazilian music, its syncopations, harmonies and characteristics from the simplest pieces, bringing our students closer to the language of Brazilian music and therefore facilitating their learning and contact with other works of literature, soon forward. Aspects such as cantabile, 'dry' touch, phrasing, effect pedal and syncopated pedal, modulations, different articulations necessary for the pianist from non-legato, and following are also worked on; variety of rhythms, styles and much more.

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1) Amigos do Piano, by Maria Helena Lage, Angelita Ribeiro and Bruno Fragoso [Video]
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    Purchase: Pré Leitura (crianças em idade pré-escolar) ; Caderno Pré-Leitura com atividades e repertório extra;  Iniciação à Leitura


2) Piano Pérolas, by Carla Reis and Liliana Botelho; 
Piano Pérolas book by Carla Reis and Liliana Botelho at Loja Mineira do Músico: easy shipping and purchase. [Video]

There are 18 pieces for beginners on the piano, a beautiful repertoire that has won over piano students and teachers in Brazil and abroad.

Pieces of artistic beauty for your class repertoire and with exquisite didactic/pedagogical care by the authors.
The technical-musical skills are, piece by piece, very well presented before each work and also didactic suggestions. 
Average investment $17 each copy (purchase)

Brazilian Piano Book Piano Pérolas 2 Carla Reis Liliana Botelho Loja Mineira do Musico @lojamineiradomusico Brazilian Piano Book Piano Pérolas Carla Reis Liliana Botelho Loja Mineira do Musico @lojamineiradomusico 

(Canal Piano Perolas)

COMING SOON Launch of Piano Pearls Volume 2 (purchase)



According to Livero: The work was written in 2021, as a project conceived from my experience and also from the realization of the difficulty in finding Brazilian piano repertoire for beginners, which could collaborate with the process of learning the instrument, as well as in the construction of the values of the piano. Brazilian music. The proposal to compose a selection of pieces that would achieve this goal was made to the composer Achille Picchi, who, being a great supporter of Brazilian music, accepted this challenge. The project was completed in a total of 23 pieces with particular characteristics for young pianists, from the elementary to the intermediate level of piano teaching.

23 Characteristic Pieces for piano is a collection of small short pieces designed to be played and programmed according to pedagogical and musical interest. Although each piece is created to explore one or more technical pianistic issues, the work was composed with consideration for the sensitivity to the idiom of Brazilian music. The diverse style of Brazilian rhythm presented here becomes an excellent preparation for more complex works in the national repertoire.    [Video]

Achille Picchi (1952)
23 Characteristic Pieces for Piano(2021)
I. On the Balance Sheet
II. hobby horse
III. Wheel
IV. hopscotch game
V. Sad Lullaby
SAW. Walk in the Park
VII. Landscape in the Window
VIII. Dance of the Blacksmiths
IX. Trapizonga
X. Italian Serenade
XI. Brazilian waltz
XII. Cry Cry
XIII. jong
XIV. lundu
XV. baião
XVI. Folded up
XVII. Gherkin
XVIII. catheter
XIX. pastoral
XX. pass the elephants
XXI. Wall clock
XXII. nocturnal
XXIII. butterflies
Iracele Vera Livero, piano

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4) Laura Longo Divertimentos 

The book Divertimentos presents 23 compositions in piano scores, with suggestions for activities (tips given by Laura herself on how various aspects of the pieces can be worked on for musical education, for the piano training of the piano student, whether beginner or intermediate in instrument study). The book also has a CD that accompanies it, which contains the audios of the works, to facilitate the study and encourage musical appreciation. [Purchase

5) Pianíssimo Eduardo Barros

Altogether there are 23 didactic pieces that range from beginner to intermediate level.
Songs can be taught by imitation! They are works written for teacher and student duos, solo piano and group piano! (...)"

"The book "Pianíssimo - music and poetry" is a repertoire book with 23 unpublished didactic pieces, for beginners to intermediate levels.

The pieces were written for duos (teacher and student) at the elementary stage and for solo piano at the pre-intermediate and intermediate levels. Some pieces for solo piano won an extra version for piano in group (piano 6 hands, two pianos and four pianos).

The book was designed mainly for the initiation of young people (from 10 years old) and adults. The names of the pieces were carefully thought out to not necessarily refer to the children's universe. But the pieces that comprise the first part of the book have been tested and approved in teaching with children aged 6 to 9 years.

Songs can be taught by imitation. For students who already read sheet music, the pieces, by presenting patterns, make reading easier.

All the pieces are presented by poetry, accompanied by the intended technical-musical skills and a series of creative activities (for teachers and students) that can be developed from the study of each piece."

$21 [Purchase]

6) Graciano Arruda Books - DUO

kit of pieces for piano by the composer from Espírito Santo, Graciano Arruda. The kit consists of two products: Children's Piano Collection with 34 Works, including a Sonatina by the composer, digital format of the works in PDF plus access to videos with Maria Teresa Madeira at the piano (reference recordings of the pieces) and the Didactic Repertoire for Piano with 10 Small Pieces bringing miniatures, works characteristic of Brazilian rhythms bringing syncopations and harmonies that will beautify the repertoire of your piano students: the book has a physical option (brochure) or digital format such as the children's E-book, also counting on recordings in video of renowned pianist Maria Teresa (access to videos).
$37 (purchase)

"I recommend these pieces to all children, small or big, because learning never ends. Once again, invoking Schumann, who stated that over time our concern should be to play the simplest things correctly and beautifully, because it is certainly better than playing difficult pieces in a mediocre way, I believe that to this advice, in addition to what is already good, it is lawful to add these pieces. They will bring fun, joy and pleasure to the ears, body and soul." Dr. Ernesto Hatmann (Composer, Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Theory of Art and Music at the Federal University of Espírito Santo - UFES)

7) FRANCISCO MIGNONE  (4 Books for Piano: the 24 Waltzes of Mignone, Piano and Chico Bororó singing and Children's Treasures)
Mignone's Children's Treasures

     Mignone's children's production is extremely rich in musical possibilities. The first four pieces of these Children's Treasures vol. 1 First little waltz, Second little waltz, The Joys of Topo Gigio and Dança do Arlequim are dedicated to our daughter Anete, when she studied with Myrian Dauelsberg. For a six-year-old child, Mignone gives precious indications, as, for example, in The Joys of Topo Gigio, he asks them to play with their eyes closed, even in repetition, when the right is an octave higher and the left an octave lower.

     The entire collection of children's pieces helps the little performer to overcome the difficulties encountered in the score. And there are countless pieces for children written by Mignone!

     I studied and recorded all of them. For me, it was moments of enchantment to study these children's songs. I can say that I worked on each piece with intense joy and emotion, always seeking to be faithful to the composer's creative spirit.

     I'm sure that piano teachers for children will find moments of wonder when they teach these children's songs by Francisco Mignone.

Maria Josephine Mignone

Rio de Janeiro, September 2021

About $15 every copy [purchase]

8) MIX Piano BRAZILIAN 8 Books PAC
$170 (Purchase)
Piano 8 | Oito livros para Piano Brasileiro com Métodos de Piano e Partituras de Piano com Piano Pérolas, Pianíssimo Eduardo Barros, Trio Amigos do Piano, Achille Picchi, Divertimentos e 10 Peq. Peças